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Front Air Ride Cartridges for Indian Challenger

Front Air Ride Cartridges for Indian Challenger


***************** PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY***************



Indian Motorcycle Air Ride Cartridges by VicBaggers. If you currently have Rear Air Ride and are looking to upgrade and add front Air Ride than we have just what you are looking for. the  VicBaggers Front Air Ride cartridges replace the factory existing inner fork cartridges. Cartridges are available for several wheel sizes from 18"-26". For 30" or other custom applications please call. 

Install Hardware consists of Front Valve Pair, Relay, Airline, Switch and Dual Switch Mount. 


Professional Installation required! VICBAGGERS is not responsible for accidents associated with the use of this product. The purchaser of this product assumes all responsibility of its installation and use. 
By purchasing this product, I agree to these terms.

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