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Indian Air Gel Anodized Grips

Indian Air Gel Anodized Grips

  • What It Fits:Indian Touring & Scout Bikes
  • Dimensions:Inside length = 5.500"


The GEL grips is a very ergonomic grip, featuring the softest rubber that Avon has used in a street bike grip.  The soft rubber has a unique dimple texture and tacky feel that helps reduces unwated road and engine vibrations, and reduces hand tingle.  The new style grip is complimentd by stylish, billet aluminum, triple chrome plated or black anodized end caps and collars. 

Sold in pairs.


17 & Older p/n MT-IN-GEL-70-AN

18 & Newer p/n IN-TO-GEL-70-AN

Scout p/n IN-S-GEL-70-AN

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