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Indian Hatchet Ass End 4.5″ 2014 to 2018

Indian Hatchet Ass End 4.5″ 2014 to 2018


These bags are angled to give you a bigger turning radius so performance is not compromised, along with a bitchin’ design to match the replacement rear fender. Your factory hardware and lids mount right onto these bad ass bags. 4.5″ longer than stock and 4″ back to give you that custom stretched look. Made from a new high level of hand laid fiberglass, these puppies are better than ever. Chose dual or no cut outs for your bike, dual cut out option will accept exhaust up to 4″.

  • DBC-778
  • Stampede Series.
  • Made from new superior fiberglass technology and material.
  • Pre-drilled Indian motorcycle saddlebags.
  • Dual cut outs accept up to a 4″ exhaust.
  • Comes complete with saddlebags and rear fender.
  • Works with factory hardware, lids and seat.
  • 4.5″ long and 4″ back.
  • Side cut corners for better leaning angels for turns.
  • Will only work with factory lids.
  • Made in the USA.
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