Indian Pointed LED Tail Lights Stampede Series


Be seen with our super bright Indian pointed LED tail lights with 3 functions. Measurements: 1″ wide by 6 & 3/4″ from tip to tip & less than 1/4″ thick. Perfect size for filler panels and saddlebags. Our Indian pointed LED tail lights do not require load equalizer if using stock Harley front blinkers. Minimal wiring, but we do recommend you have a test light and battery to test each light for functions. The lenses are flush with billet frame. Super high quality one of a kind.

  • DBC-725
  • Stampede Series.
  • Available in black or chrome finish.
  • Comes with two bolts and a template for installation and wiring.
  • No expensive molding required.
  • Sold as a set.
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