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VicBaggers Contrast Passenger Floorboards

VicBaggers Contrast Passenger Floorboards


Passenger Floorboards for Indian and Victory Baggers. Will need floorboard mounts from Polaris to mount these. If you need the mounts please email us ( and we can assist with getting you the mounts if you want to convert from pegs to boards.  Will not fit 2010-2011 board mounts (needs 3hole mounting system) For Indian Chief, Chieftain, Springfield, Darkhorse, challenger, Elite, vintage 2014-2021 models For Victorycross Country, Cross Roads, Hardball, Magnum, X1


Professional Installation required! VICBAGGERS is not responsible for accidents associated with the use of this product. The purchaser of this product assumes all responsibility of its installation and use. 

By purchasing this product, I agree to these terms.

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