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Thresher Grips for '17 Victory Octane

Thresher Grips for '17 Victory Octane


Thresher Grips combine a soft shark tooth-inspired knurled rubber texture with an ergonomic profile that contours to the shape of your hands for unbeatable comfort and control. 

  • Designed to fit perfectly in your hands: features a wider diameter for thumb, index and middle fingers and a tapered outer profile for ring and pinky fingers
  • Premium, durable EPDM rubber compound will not harden, crack or wear over time and provides an ultra soft, cushiony feel for all-day vibration dampening comfort
  • Unique shark tooth knurling provides awesome grip and distinct styling
  • Offered in chrome or satin black aluminum trim 
  • Assembled with OEM-specific throttle tube, clutch-side grip installs with included glue
  • P/N 5938 - chrome
  • P/N 5939 - black
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